Sara Brugnolo

Born in Bologna in the February of ’79, she started studying theatre with Dimitri Pasquali.
She gratuated in ‘99 by Colli School of Theatre, going on with her education in 2002 with Lemming Theatre of Rovigo. In Naples, in 2003, she’s been directed by Davide Iodice during the Mario Martone’s project about Pier Paolo Pasolini.

She followed workshops with directors and actors as Vadim Mikheenko, dicector f the Theatre School of S. Petersburg, Emanuele Montagna and Teatro Colli Group, Gabriella Rusticali, Fiorenza Menni, Teatro delle Albe di Ravenna, Iaia Forte, Matteo Tarasco.
She worked on Arts Comedy’s masks with Sandra Cavallini. From 2004 she’s been part of CerchioTeatro, producing several plays as “Rusco”(2007) e “Sottovetro”(2006), in co-operation with La Pillola of Bologna, ecologic events organization.

She worked as an actress with Evoè in “Tressette” (2003) in occasion of the Amnesty International campaign, and in “Parossismi”(2005). She’s played in two Eleonora Campanella’s shorts: “Un lavoro serio” (2006) and “Punti di vista” (2007) and in the Moltheni’s video “Limite e perfezione” by the songwriter Moltheni (best independent video according to IULM University of Milan, 2004).

From 2003 she has co-operated with the Zibaldone Association, teaching theatre in several school institutes of Bologna area. In 2009 she has written and played the comic drama “Io, lei e l’altra” with Diletta Bagordo and Antonio Innocente.

From 2010 she has been Rosa Luxemburg in “Rosa’s Dream” by Ursa Maior Teatro.