About Us

Ursa Maior was born in 2002, from the intersection of the paths of Irene Ros and Briana Zaki, both coming from experimental theatre and from DAMS (Degree in Arts, Music and Spectacle, Bologna University) classrooms. During these years, Ursa Maior has greeted many collaborators. Since 2010 Sara Brugnolo, who loves more than everything Anna Magnani and Totò, has been joyned the group, together with Elena Cardamone and Vanessa La Farciola, who take care about the organization.

Since 2002 Ursa Maior has created performances for children (Hansimel e Brettell – with Teatro Ridotto of Lavino di Mezzo (BO); La Città di Sgrunf – with Alcuni Group, Treviso; Zampa di Miele; Dalla Terra al Cielo; Ho perso il mio orsacchiotto bianco; La Regina della neve- non ho bisogno di te) and performances for adults (Il Fuoco del Radio. Dialoghi con M.me Curie – then Quella luce blu. La vita di Marie Curie; Mine Haha; Mela; Il Sogno di Rosa – atto unico d’amore per Rosa Luxemburg), trying to consolidate an own aesthetics without losing the interest for new languages, investigating new relationships between space and word, between word and body, respecting the path hidden in the scripts.

With the group Omnibus, created by some women pensioneers, Ursa Maior created E venne il tempo in cui filosofia e scienza confusero le idee all’umanità, from Galileo by Brecht, and Raccontano le storie… from Antigone by Sofocle.

In the summer 2007 realizes Somnio ergo Sum, a Festival to exploit and animate green areas of Bologna with theatre and music.
Since 2010 has realized “Senza frac nero né cilindro”, container for conferences and shows about women.

Ursa Maior projects have been supported in the years by National Agency of the European Union, the Committee for Equal Opportunities of Padua University, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, Coop Adriatica, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation of Berlino, Women Centre of Bologna, Bologna Bookfair for children, Italian Cultural Institute of London.

In May 2013 Marcel – first show in English language – has been shown as a work in progress during the Brighton Fringe.