E venne il tempo in cui…

…filosofia e scienza confusero le idee all’umanità

(“The time came for philosophy and science to confuse human mind”)

This “reading in action” is an Omnibus’ and Ursa Maior‘s proposal.

Born from a District’s reading group, Omnibus decided to create this “active reading” with didactive purposes and for fun. That’s why just the most significative and lirical parts from Brecht’s text have been kept.

Brecht’s text is sometimes introduced by Giovanna Lima’s texts: poetic and smooth prose wich synthetize the missing scenes with Spheres’ Walzer‘s levity.

Some photos projected during the reading follow the narration; simple scenic objects are used in a simbolic way. The atmosphere allows the actresses to become wind, crowd, living scenography, characters from the XIV century.


Omnibus“, in Lathin “for everybody” was the first mean of transport allowed to the crowd.The name has been chosen because culture should be accessible to everyone.

Comune di Bologna
Quartiere Savena


Testi di Giovanna Lima
dal Galileo di Brecht

Reading con
Manuela Cuscini
Mariantonia Deghenghi
Gabriella De Giovanni
Catia Giuliani
Giovanna Lima
Annamaria Lusardi
Rita Roatti

Foto di Nicola Casamassima

Regia di Irene Ros

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