Raccontano le storie…

(“Tell the stories…”)

Raccontano le storie… is the second project joining Ursa Maior and the group Omnibus, rosen from a district commette to propose in the area some cultural intervents.

The first project was about Brecht’s Galileo and demostrated the group ambition.
Raccontano le storie…confirms this ambition in a more poetic direction.

Antigone belongs to a primitive world where reason borders on a imaginary reality; where the future can be read in the sacrifices’ fire and in the birds’ flight and where Gods show their will with thunderbolts and tempests, and Nature takes part ti the Mortals’ misfortunes.

In this world Antigone opposes the law of love to the humans’ one and is defeated.
An ancient and sadly modern tragedy with an interestig epilogue:

“Great words of prideful men are ever punished with great blows. Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness.”

Comune di Bologna
Quartiere Savena


Testi di Giovanna Lima
dall’Antigone di Sofocle

Reading con
Manuela Cuscini
Mariantonia Deghenghi
Gabriella De Giovanni
Catia Giuliani
Giovanna Lima
Annamaria Lusardi
Rita Roatti
Luciana Ungarelli

Foto di
Nicola Casamassima e Tamara Casula

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