Senza frac nero né cilindro

Project of feminine biographical theatre

Our interest for great women’s biographies was born in 2005 with the performance about Marie Curie, promoted by the Committee for Equal Opportunities of Padua University.

In 2010 we renewed this interest with the new show “Rosa’s dream”, about Rosa Luxemburg, and creating a container (called “Women in work, women in history”) for plays and conferences around women’s role in the contest of the events of the Children’s Book Fair of Bologna.

In 2011/2 season the project switched name into “Senza frac nero né cilindro” (“Minus top hat and tails”, from a Wislawa Szymborska’s poem) and was proposed as a review in the season of the Oratorio S. Filippo Neri (Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna).
In the review, together with the performances about Marie Curie and Rosa Luxemburg, has been presented “Rapporto su La banalità del male di Hannah Arendt”, a Sandra Cavallini’s performance.

In 2012/3 season the project has been presented again in the Oratorio S. Filippo Neri with the performance “Brigantesse“, by the theatre group Petra, “Cipolla“, with Tita Ruggeri, and “Nati in Casa“, with Giuliana Musso.

In 2013/4 season we presented the shows “Tre di due” by Sandra Cavallini and “Coco” by Teatrino Giullare.

Here is the program of the next season

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