Somnio ergo sum

Theatre is a place for meeting on different levels: meeting between men and women, actors and audience, words, songs and actions.

The meeting we want to propose with this project is the one between audience and green areas, to live in a different way, as a place which create suggestions that the performances hint but that already exist to the most careful eyes.

Concerts, performances, animaztions, markets and snacks:all these activities have been tied up by an ethical fil rouge.
Next to the activities for children made by Ursa Maior, during the days of the festival were present CEFA – il seme della solidarietà and a nutricionist, to give good advices about children and parents nourishment.

The project has been realized by Ursa Maior between the activities of Bologna Estate, with the economical support of Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna and with the co-operation of Associazione I Cinque Sensi, Giostra Sogni d’Oro and CEFA – il seme della solidarietà.

fondazione del monte

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