Teatri di conflitto

Teatri di conflitto (Theatre of Conflitcs) is a series of workshops which is going to take place in Bologna from March to April 2013.
The workshops are going to be leaded by Masters of different and specific fields of theatre.

The aim is to found a dialog between theatre and modernity.

We want to think again to the concept of “popular”, often used to make reviews impoverished.

To work in culture is not a hobby, it’s a responsability.

2/3: Giuseppe Liotta – dramaturgy
9/10: Agnieszka Bresler and Diego Pileggi- physical theatre
16/17: Arianna di Pietro – object theatre
23/24: AndrĂ© Casaca – clown

6/7: Nicola Brushi – scenic design
13/14: Sandra Cavallini – mask
20/21: Ursa Maior Teatro – conclusion, editing

Starting by dramaturgy, theatre is conflict.
Without conflict we can’t have a story and without a story we can’t have theatre.
In physical theatre, there is no theatre without a conflict of the actor with himself.
Conflict is the starting point to start looking for our own identity, it’s the starting point for a generation turnover.

We’re interested in the conflicts which are exploding all over the world from people who wants a life with more freedom, in the conflicts between theatre and reality, theatre with itself, in conflicts that tuns a child in a grown man..

Teatri di conflitto is our way to investigate the possibility for theatre to be mouthpiece for all the grief of the world, here and now, and to aim for universality.

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