Il Sogno di Rosa

Un po’ di compassione from Ursa Maior Teatro on Vimeo.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who imitated the twittering of titmice so well that they would fly to her balcony, a young lady who dreamed of a world without starvation, poverty and war, where liberty and justice were more than just words. A 20th century Cassandra.

In 1919, the 15th f January, Rosa Luxemburg was brutally killed and thrown in a river by the German militia.

This show was born to pay homage to this extraordinary woman ninety years after her death.

The performance is an act of “Senza frac nero né cilindro“, trilogy of feminine biographical theatre.


Da “La Rosa Rossa. Il sogno di Rosa Luxemburg” di Vanna Cercenà
Con Sara Brugnolo (Rosa) e Manuela Cuscini

Voci registrate:
Edoardo Lomazzi, Marco Mattiuzzo, Marina Meinero, Claudio Nader, Martino Pani, Michele Spanò, Marika Tesser, Michele Zaccaria

Illustrazioni di Emanuela Orciari
Scenografia di Simone Bellotti
Tecnica Andrea Giannone
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