Marcel (called READY to tale Fairy MADE in its early beginning, until May 2013) wanted to be a performance/installation inspired by Duchamp and “The Wizard of Oz”, (a novel which was born in the recession of the late ‘800 England), crossing the concept of contemporary crisis, which forces us to re-invent, deconstruct, thing again to the world and re-use its wastes.
A crisis which allows wizards, good-natured poseurs and pretenders, to exist.

[Will heart, brain and bravery be enough to get over a crisis?]

From the idea to work on “ready-made”, the project took root, as every project does, and claimed its independence.
Our starting point were some Duchamp’s works.
We wanted to create an installation.
But Dadaism won the day and we started stuttering.

Da da da da.

We deconstructed our language. Starting point became anchors (not only works anymore but even pictures and dadadreams). The path from one point to another became the essence. We’ve been permeated by the Dada-spirit. We recognised ourselves in those words:

“If something exists
now in all men, it is the
burning pain, disgust
and shame of living and
participating, at least
morally, in such a
devastating time”

[H. Richter, 1917]

Which is the shape of a dada performance? It changes according to circumstances, as it has to be for a ready made.
Our anchors could become installations for museums [a giant Rrose Sélavy appears from an Égouittoir while in the middle of a “Grand verre” two performers, as wheels of a mechanism, will create an interaction with Rrose and with an improbable soundtrack, which is our interpretation of a contemporary ready-made] while our path will be a performance of rebel monkeys, hung dictators and double faced lyric singers.


Sara Brugnolo + cast in definizione