A theatrical text that is a trail, a code to interpret. When you find a real theatrical text, its silence is more eloquent than the words and from silence springs out the show, sometimes telling a different story.

Mela is a dark comedy about Time.
Three women, three generations facing each other.
Each represents the collapse of idealisms and morals, built and reaffirmed by the previous generation.
Mela tells about the difficult cohabitation of three women, three failed generations: one has been deceived and destroyed by the economical boom, the other disappointed by idealism, the third can’t fly with its own wings.

Our Mela walks backwards, goes back in time; Carmen is brusque, she grew up too fast; grandmother and nephew are Rosaria’s Moirae, they weave her destiny: Rosaria is their prisoner in an empty room where everyone bursts in hunger and no one is ever replenished.
Mela is a bad sewn patch in front of which we can just cover our eyes.


Testo di Dacia Maraini

Con Silvia Giuntoli
Debora Pradarelli
Briana Zaki

Regia di Irene Ros

Foto di Tamara Casula

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