Mine Haha

Mine Haha from Ursa Maior Teatro on Vimeo.

Mine Haha tells the memories of an old lady who died in enigmatic circumstances.
Memories covering 10 years, spent in a strange college. Mine Haha is a text with too many absences, ellipses kept and shown on the stage.
It’s the Wedekind’s most enigmatic text.

Our interest takes root from the themes of women’s education and female slavery, which is real no matter it takes place in an dreamlike dimension.
Faithful to the text, we also want to express our point of view on such themes, that we consider related to a specific ways of thinking.

Other important themes are memory, the isolation, the uncertainties about the future and the negation of body as a result of an education effectively aiming at its nullification, alterning static and frenetic.

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Tratto da “Mine Haha. Ovvero dell’educazione fisica delle fanciulle” di Frank Wedekind.
Con Irene Ros.
Musiche: Federico Ros.
Grafiche: Federico Ros e Marco Cedaro.
Regia e scenografia: Gruppo Polline.

Foto di Laura Frasca

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